Customer experience. It’s essential to most businesses but the average employee (myself included, until a few months ago) may underestimate just how big of an impact it can really have on your brand.

So what exactly is customer experience?
Most of us would likely think of it as a different way of talking about customer service, however the truth goes a little bit further than that.
Where customer service is usually limited to dealing with direct customer complaints, customer experience relates to every interaction a customer ever has with an organisation.
This means that employees need to be more vigilant at all touch points during the customer journey. This can get especially tricky with social media and instant messaging becoming more and more widespread, potentially giving customers who’ve had bad experiences multiple portals to share with the world.
Recently one of my friends had a run in with bad customer experience. He was on the way to a meeting and his iPhone broke down, so decided to pop into the nearest Apple store which was on route.
I’m not sure if you have ever been to an Apple store before, but they are notoriously busy and appointments aren’t available for weeks in advance! He was greeted at the door by an employee who although friendly, did not have the knowledge to deal with the problem. On top of this all the other staff members were preoccupied to help a genuine customer in need. He then left the store with a negative view of the Apple brand. Later that week he bought a Samsung.
Now a situation like this could have been avoided through a number of methods.One would be effectively using social media to communicate to customers that certain stores were incredibly busy. If you were to pair this up with effective CRM, live chat, and other tools the problems of customer experience could be resolved through multiple avenues.
However, the best solution would be one of the amazing apps that we offer here at Opinsta. One of which is our Reservation App. This allows employees to see how busy the store is and which other local stores may have more availability, improving all customer interactions and offering a simple solution to the problem.
Another great app we have here, The Resolution App, has a list of all the potential problems employees are likely to face, with all the outcomes they need at their fingertips. So for example when my friend was greeted at the door the employee would just refer to the app to immediately troubleshoot something that could have just been a minor issue with the phone.
If you would like to know more about Opinsta’s range of apps and how we can help with your organisation, please feel free to contact me directly on fehed@opinsta.com or visit Opinsta to learn more!

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