Real-time defect, incident, inspection reporting and more.

Small problems can have big impacts on your business operations. Causing inefficiencies, frustrating employees and restricting your ability to deliver for your clients. OPINSTA SAM is an affordable and quick to deploy solution that enables your business to implement more efficient workflows for a multitude of processes.  

“SAM has transformed the way we report problems. It’s easy to use and means, as a business, we are more agile and responsive.”

– Greg Newport, Avanti Trains, First Group

Tailor forms to your business and ‘close the loop’ with integrations and workflows

  • Defect reports
  • Planned preventative maintenance
  • Inspections
  • Health & Safety forms
  • Audits
  • Quality assurance
  • Risk assessments

Empower your employees with the easy-to-access knowledge to resolve issues immediately

  • In-app guidebook
  • Link guidance to problems
  • Avoid duplicate reports
  • Attach URL links, PDFs & images
  • Support with H&S next steps
  • Compliment staff training
  • Access online and offline

Visibility of what’s really going on

  • Identify trends
  • Measure KPIs
  • Ensure SLA adherence
  • Take preventative action
  • Support change with actionable data

It’s not just about reporting the problem..

“We flipped it on its head and thought actually, if a user has reported a particular problem, we should tell them this is what the agreed approach is. The safest way to do it, the action that best mitigates the customer impact”

Additional modules

Build a package to suit your business from a range of modules built in-house.

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