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Available on any smart device, laptop or computer

A defect & inspection solution that empowers frontline staff with tools to record faults digitally, view updates on repairs and refer to guidance on what immediate actions to take. Create seamless workflows to engineers and back-office with integrating legacy software.

Integrate Rail specific IoT, legacy software and processes

Optimise the benefits of existing infrastructure by integrating hardware such as Train Management Systems, closing the loop with legacy software and utilising identification methods such as QR codes

Key challenges:

High monthly operational expenditure

Running dedicated call centres, manually record or rekey data and deploying skilled engineers to resolve simple issues

Zero visibility

Employees could not view reported faults leading to double entries and an inability to make quick real-time decisions

Contractor KPIs

Without digital records it was impossible to hold third-party contractors accountable to agreed SLAs


Time consuming processes

It takes an average of 18 minutes to report a defect through logbooks, phone calls and email

Missed faults

Issues can go unreported leading to expensive long-term problems and a negative customer experience

Disengaged employees

Difficult to use software leads to frustrated employees and the creation of disjointed department spreadsheets or paper logbooks


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