About Us

Opinsta was born out of a desire to change the way large companies partner with smaller more agile suppliers. Since 2013, we’ve had the privilege of working on fantastic projects with forward-thinking businesses all whilst developing a positive and value-based company culture.

We deliver change through a powerful platform of simple, cost-effective and easy-to-use solutions that are used by employees of large organisations to improve operational efficiency whilst reducing costs.

We also love the challenge of new and interesting projects. We are experts in supporting B2B or B2C business cases through rapid proof of concept development and innovation.

If your business could benefit from an honest, innovative, and trusted technology partner, particularly as you respond to COVID-19, get in touch and see how we could help you.

The Team

Five reasons to partner with Opinsta

We help you as consultants, combining eight years of experience to identify if Opinsta can solve your pain points and exceed expectations. You can rely on the expertise of a team dedicated to helping the core industries we work with daily. We ensure that Opinsta will deliver against your goals, which is why we partner with rather than transact with our customers

Opinsta integrates with your existing enterprise software to improve the efficiency of your current field operations and increase the ROI of your existing investments.

Opinsta has extensive experience creating API integrations with various software solutions such as Salesforce, IBM Maximo, Microsoft, SAP and more

Every feature on the Opinsta platform is designed to solve real-world challenges for specific industries. Our customers benefit from a platform that is ready to solve most use cases and  problems out-of-the-box, reducing deployment time and increasing your ROI

While Opinsta is ready to deploy for most business cases, we understand not every business is the same. Our in-house development team can customise the platform to meet your needs, making it 100% fit for purpose. Not only will you have access to Opinsta’s continued development roadmap, but we can build custom modules for clients. Whatever the challenge, our team are focused on supporting your needs

As a SaaS solution, Opinsta is rapidly deployable to all frontline teams. Easily download the mobile app and connect all frontline teams in minutes. In addition, operations can centrally manage all core activity including forms, workflows, tasks and policies using the Opinsta cloud portal

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