Grab control of employee communication.

Important communications can easily be missed and can cause disruption in the business. OPINSTA COMMUNICATE eradicates noise and ensures all critical briefs have been read and understood by employees using real-time data.

Instant feedback & engagement.

A mobile communication app that improves the efficiency, understanding and accountability of critical internal briefs.

Create, Engage, Respond, Track

A mobile application that allows organisations to create and share communication effectively, and gather responses instantly.

Publish Briefs

Easily design your own briefs using: Free text, Speech Text, Imagery, Videos, PDFs, Signatures. Include deadlines to notify employees with push notifications. Distinguish between critical and standard briefs. Add, remove and update user groups to create targeted audiences.

Read and Acknowledge

In-app Alerts for new comms or version updates. Read briefs adapted specifically to your screen resolution. View images or videos. Acknowledge and confirm understanding of content. Prioritise and manage your tasks. Revisit information without online access.

Feedback, Q+A

Forward or escalate comms. Engage in open Q+A and openly discuss brief. Give a 5-star rating and feedback to improve future comms. Complete tasks.

Real-time analytics

View reading time, understanding and completion of all communications. Gain feedback and analytics to better understand employees and improve internal comms.

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