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SAM is your one-stop mobile app for managing Incidents, Near Misses, Audits, Risk Assessments and more. Stay organised and work smarter today.

Software that makes your life easier.

Organised reports all in one place

Ensure your company is organised by structuring all your reporting processes in one place with automated workflows and centralising data collection.

  • Fault / Snagging Reports
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance
  • Inspections
  • Health & Safety forms
  • Audits
  • Quality Assurance
  • Risk Assessments
  • Human Resources
  • Visitor Sign-In

Simple data capture

Utilise a familiar mobile interface that employees will recognise and understand quickly.

  • Images
  • Voice dictation
  • Multiple choice
  • Online and offline usage
  • Pre-populated information
  • Time stamps
  • Colour coded
  • Quick view
  • Simple to update

Create and update forms effortlessly

Create mobile forms that are tailored specifically for your business and manage any updates centrally via a simple cloud portal.

  • Text
  • Voice dictation
  • Calendars
  • Multiple choice and dropdown
  • Mandatory and optional fields
  • Images
  • Signatures

Guidance at the right time

Empower your employees with easy-to-access knowledge to resolve issues immediately and ensure consistency.

  • Entirely customisable for your business
  • In-app guidebook that works offline
  • Link guidance to specific situations ensuring relevance
  • Avoid duplicate reports
  • Attach URL links, PDFs & images
  • Support with H&S next steps
  • Support staff with training content

Share Tool-Box-Talks and other briefs

Share important information digitally and create two-way communication to ensure questions are answered without the need for face to face meetings or email chains.

  • Create custom groups
  • Categorise briefs
  • Generate digital confirmation records
  • Attach URL links, PDFs & images
  • Enter deadline dates
  • Create email and in-app notifications
  • Amend and update briefs
  • Resolution for all devices
  • Include parties without work emails

Access information anywhere, anytime

Refer back to the most up to date information easily in one central place on a mobile device onlineĀ  or offline.

  • Available on any device
  • Email integration
  • View deadlines
  • Customise notification
  • Engage in two-way Q+A
  • Share feedback
  • Forward or escalate briefs
  • Organised and easy to navigate

Key challenges:

Paper based documentation

Information is often collected on paper which can be misplaced, difficult to read and hard to update.

Clunky spreadsheets and online portals

Difficult to access or update in real-time and usually only understood by a few individuals as it is too difficult to keep track of changes.

Zero topline visability

A combination of paper, spreadsheets and emails makes it impossible to extract useful information in one click.


Generating evidence for audits

Collecting evidence that demonstrates compliance takes hours sourcing through material.

Demonstrating compliance with policies

Briefing staff by email and face to face conversation is very difficult to evidence your employees understood and comply.

Operational inefficiencies

All of the manual processes and communication layers leads to time wasted, mistakes and reduces your overall productivity.


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