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Over seven years we’ve built incredible solutions for some of the world’s most recognisable businesses. But we don’t build for vanity, we build for change. Nothing makes us happier than deploying a solution across an organisation and watching as it transforms the way the business functions.


The team behind Oro have been on a journey to create the first truly personalised health & fitness app supported by partners including Holland & Barrett, Maximuscle and Loughborough University.

Opinsta are responsible for the delivery of two Native Apps which can be found on the iOS and Google Play Stores

British Airways

British Airways wanted to strengthen their internal communication through a centralised communication channel. The organisation recognised that information wasn’t always shared consistently with employees and there were gaps in knowledge. Opinsta developed an internal platform to manage communications and briefs to 20k employees, ensuring consistent and accurate messages.

Emirates Airlines

Emirates wanted to drive change to deliver a more agile environment for their frontline employees. The previous method operated on multiple outdated legacy systems and disjointed communications. Opinsta were asked to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Emirates communications between HQ/Management and Crew.

Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains wanted to lead innovation to provide exceptional customer service. Over 5 years, Opinsta ran a series of workshops with the Virgin Trains IT projects team to identify key pain points. In collaboration with the project team, we developed 8 mobile applications to increase efficiency, health and safety and communication on the frontline.


Bombardier had a growing ambition to drive real change on the frontline by improving internal communication. The organisation recognised the opportunity to reduce delays and utilise resources more effectively. Opinsta developed a user-friendly solution that could be quickly deployed across their workforce and that was cost-effective.

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