Asset management, made simple.

Defects can be costly if not resolved quickly, and the impact on customer experience can be even more damaging. OPINSTA DEFECT empowers employees to take control of fault reporting and provides a real-time overview of all activity.

Real-time defect resolution in your pocket.

An all-in-one asset management app and reporting suite for rapid defect resolution.

Report, Inspect, Resolve or Escalate

A mobile application that your employees will find exceptionally easy-to-use and allows you to gain 360 degree control of your maintenance and inspection process.

Capture Defects

Quick, easy and consistent. Design your own defect reports: Free text, Speech Text, Imagery, Videos, Checkboxes, Multiple Choice and Signatures. Pre-populated fields based on predefined user and asset information. Automatic time stamps and recorded actions.

Personalised Inspections

Keep your processes in one place and build your own niche inspections for any purpose. Unlimited fields. Multi-part forms. Centralised database.

Instant Actions

Rectify problems immediately with real-time guidance. Health & Safety warnings and required actions. Avoid defect duplication and prioritise problems.

Full Visibility

View open defects at a glance. Drill down into particular assets. Action overdue reports.

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