Lost property, in your pocket.

Locating lost items can be time consuming for staff, and distressing for customers. OPINSTA LOST PROPERTY allows frontline staff to deliver world class customer experience with instant resolutions.

Satisfy customers in an instant.

An all-in-one lost property management solution for frontline staff.

Find, Help, Manage and Reunite.

A mobile application that beautifully simplifies the lost property process, creating happy customers, and improving engagement.

Record Items

Quick, easy and consistent. Select drop down options, add free text or speech search, add images, a signature, and you’re done! Automatic timestamps, recorded actions and saved history ensure traceability is covered too.

Customer Enquiries

Resolve enquiries instantly: Ask the right questions, enter details, receive automatic best matches and take action. Reunite then and there, or log items as lost. Record ideal contact information and set up automatic alerts should the item be found. Listen and help your customer with customisable in-app guidance depending on what they’ve lost.

Transfer Items

Move items physically and digitally in harmony and know where every item is in real-time. Transfer at a click of a button, take signatures if required, then let the system store all auditable history.

Happy Customers

Reunite at a click of a button. Agree method of exchange and take signatures. Create great PR stats, reward and encourage employees.

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