‘54% of organisations struggle to communicate with their employees in critical situations’

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A recent BCI Emergency report shows 54% of organisations struggle to communicate with their employees in critical situations and 48% say the reason why they’ve failed is recipients lack understanding of the information provided. 

The coronavirus pandemic has had a profound impact and only amplified the importance of clear communication to ensure staff are compliant with policies that keep them safe. The railway has always played a crucial part in the pandemic and there is an underlying dedication of key workers as tonnes of freight continues to be transported. It has been demonstrated technology plays a crucial part in transport to manage some of the greatest obstacles.

What problems have been avoided by using purpose-built software to ensure compliance?

  • Improves quality and reduces faults, so safety-critical products aren’t harming both employees and customers. 
  • Empowers employees with the knowledge to ensure they’re not put in dangerous situations.
  • Helps reassure employees who might be anxious in today’s world.

Opinsta have continuously worked on projects within Rail over the last 6 years to help with safety and the efficiency of day-to-day operations. They have recently further developed an application for Bombardier to help with the management of coronavirus and support teams remotely. 

  • Significantly reduce unnecessary human interaction 
  • Structure deployment of information to remote workers 
  • Auditable compliance management

With important safety measures changing regularly and more teams working on a roster, updating teams and managing compliance has never been more critical.

The user-friendly solution can be quickly deployed across workforces, with it being on the app store to ready to download and accounts being set up within hours. It notifies employees when briefs have not been opened and deadlines are approaching. It encourages open two-way discussions regarding the information provided to ensure it is understood by all employees and has created a platform for employees to feel comfortable voicing concerns. Management teams have full access to the data available, including reading times and completion for all employees, providing full visibility. This offers a huge improvement in data accuracy and employees’ understanding of critical information.

John Steeples, Depot Operations Manager, Bombardier: “Opinsta’s solution has been invaluable to the Central Rivers depot team during the pandemic. The App assists in keeping our employees safe and we can react to their concerns in real-time whilst ensuring high levels of compliance to constantly changing business requirements”

Opinsta are offering Communicate for FREE over the next few months to help minimise disruption. 

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