D.I.Y Face Cloth Covering (No-Sew)

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The UK government has already advised that face coverings should be worn in public places to reduce the risk of infection where social distancing cannot be controlled.

With non-essential shops due to reopen in England, the number of people using public transport is sure to rise. From the 15th June; bus, coach, train, tram and aircraft passengers will be required to wear face coverings on their journeys.

Now, D.I.Y most certainly isn’t my area… but I decided to have a go at following the official government instructions on how to make a face covering at home. I was pleasantly surprised, as this ‘no sew’ method was super easy, and only took five minutes!

If you would like to make a face covering like mine, follow these simple instructions:

You Will Need
An old/unwanted T-shirt (ideally a size small or extra small)
A ruler (optional)

Step One) Cut a line across the width of the T-shirt (approximately 7/8 inches from the bottom.)

Step Two) Cut out a 7 inch long square, leaving roughly 1 inch of fabric on the top and bottom.

Step Three) Turn your material over to reveal the face covering shape which will have two loops on either side. Cut the loops open in the middle to create four ties.

Step Four) Place the covering over your mouth and nose, ensuring that you can breathe comfortably. Tie the top two strings at a high point on the back of your head. Tie the two bottom strings at the nape of your neck.

Please remember to wash or sanitise your hands before putting your face covering on and after removing it. You can clean your face covering after each use by putting it in with your laundry and using normal detergent.

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Author – Katie Hodges

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