Enterprise Mobility: Why the world’s largest companies are building mobile apps for their own employees.

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Top Reasons why Enterprise Businesses Build Mobile Apps

  • Achieve Greater ROI – Unlike core systems that have indirect benefits, that presumably lead to more business or savings. Enterprise mobile apps tend to offer ROI in the form of increased productivity and employee engagement which for large workforces directly relates to a reduction in operational expenditure, better staff retention and improved customer experience. All aspects that drive revenue.
  • Increased Productivity – Enterprise mobile apps help increase employee productivity by allowing them to get work done even when they cannot be in front of a computer. Additionally, businesses that support mobile productivity are seen as more attractive by potential employees, who might value the work/life balance mobility affords them.
  • Empower Workers in the Field – It’s impractical for some types of field workers or shop floor operatives to have access to a computer or the internal systems. Mobile apps are now empowering workers to work more effectively in the field, whether that means in a warehouse, factory, hospital, customer facing or other setting where mobility is a critical job requirement.
  • Leverage and Build Big Data – A dual benefit for large companies who can empower their staff to have access to powerful real time data to make good and consistent decisions while capturing actionable data for business leaders to make informed decisions.
  • Provide Consistent User Experience – Because the vast majority of mobile devices run on Android and iOS, providing and maintaining a consistent and reliable user experience for critical business applications can be easier on mobile platforms than on desktop computers.

How to Build Enterprise Mobile Apps

Building enterprise mobile apps requires deep expertise in mobile devices, mobile software platforms such as iOS and Android, as well as mobile user interface and user experience (UI/UX) design. Some businesses, particularly enterprise tech/software companies, do have the necessary expertise in house and use specialised teams to churn out mobile applications for employees, partners, and customers alike.

However, many enterprise companies don’t have the specialised staff in house to design and/or develop the mobile apps they want to build. For those enterprise businesses dealing with this sort of experience gap, mobile app development partners such as Opinsta are able to function as an extension of their teams, ready to challenge status-quo and together help create cutting edge solutions that add real value.

Regardless of what development approach you ultimately decide on, it is critical to consider enterprise mobile apps as an ongoing strategy, rather than as a series of “one-off” projects. The rate at which mobile app technology has boomed in the last decade is evidence to suggest this isn’t a static investment and companies who create brilliant relationships with suppliers will be in a position to build an ecosystem of apps developed and improved by employee feedback. Thus resulting in greater user adoption and higher overall ROI.

At Opinsta we specialise in creating award winning enterprise-grade apps but we focus on building high quality relationships and trust with our clients. We are very proud to boast a 100% client retention rate. If you’ve got enterprise mobile application ideas being discussed, we would love to hear from you.

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