Low-code development platforms vs custom apps

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There has been a buzz around low code development. For those who aren’t already aware, it is a visual approach to app-development, allowing you to drag and drop and use formulas to build a functional application for mobile phones and desktops. Although easier and cheaper to use, does that necessarily mean better for organisations?

  1. A low-code platform can introduce a variety of risks because it enables inexperienced users to make important development decisions. Users need to understand the risks and challenges that are involved with these platforms; as they are used outside the official app-development processes, security, technical, procedural or industry specific policies won’t be considered.
  2. Organisations might not get the exact functionality they want, due to the limited customisation options. User interface and flow options are also very limited, making low-code platforms a poor choice for mobile apps especially where UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) expectations are very high.
  3. Some providers may also lock you into their platform in a few different ways. Convoluted codes are generated, which makes it difficult to maintain outside of the platform. Others won’t let you edit applications without using their tools.

Using Developers can be more time-consuming and expensive, but can add a lot of value to larger organisations.

  1. Bespoke software solutions are flexible, so can adapt to the growth of the business and can easily accommodate process changes and integrations with internal systems i.e. asset management systems SAP/Maximo.
  2. Gain a competitive advantage. Get experienced consultants to advise on features and security to build an app that will integrate seamlessly into the workflow without compromise.
  3. Defer the risk. Mitigate the associated risk of whether or not it will work, give yourself the peace of mind knowing it’s secure. Most bespoke apps will come with a no-code management platform, so you’re able to make small changes without jeopardising the overall platform.

Bear in mind the strategy you choose has to reflect your company’s goals, resources and priorities.

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