Opinsta’s Own Lead Architect & Developer; An Experience Shared

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Marin Rusnac is known to be a man of many talents; he could tell you some interesting stories about his mountain biking adventures and is the one to go to for a fantastic cheesecake recipe, but in this blog, he will be sharing 7 years worth of experience working as Opinsta’s Lead Architect and Developer!

Can you tell us about your journey to becoming a Lead Architect and Developer?

“Since I was in high school, I’ve always had a passion for software development, and was intrigued how a few lines of code and a good interface can make people’s lives a lot easier and solve complex problems. I particularly enjoy the diversity of programming languages and the way that they are continuously evolving and challenging you at every step.”

What has it been like working for Opinsta for 7 years?

“It is still an exciting ‘roller coaster’ that keeps you on your toes. Like any startup, we started with a small team initially and challenges presented themselves straight away, which was exciting for us as with every hurdle we grew stronger as a team and pushed ourselves even more. The diversity of projects and opportunities has allowed us all to grow from both a technical and personal point of view. We are a tight knit team, a big family some would say, spread across several countries. Working with remote teams can be challenging at times, but we have reached a point where it has become like second nature to us, pushing and supporting one another to be better in every way.”

Can you tell us about an Opinsta project that you have worked on that you are most proud of?

“I am proud of all of our projects, but I really enjoyed working on our own suite of apps and platforms that will be publicly available. I had the opportunity to be involved in almost every aspect of the development process of both the apps and the platforms. I was mostly responsible for designing the UI and UX experience for users, both mobile and web, to the implementation of front end architecture on the web. It was exciting to be given a blank canvas to build an amazing suite of apps and platforms. Whilst most software development companies will only want to receive positive feedback from their clients, I tend to believe that negative feedback is more valuable as it directly impacts the development of products and allows its users to be part of it.”

How do you ensure that you understand and can deliver exactly what a client wants?

“From my experience, there isn’t such a thing as too many questions when trying to understand client requirements. Delivering exactly what the client wants can be tricky, because in most cases even the client isn’t 100% sure of what they want. We try to work out their ‘dream solution’ from which we backtrack, breaking it into smaller steps and focussing on those. This allows us to understand the client requirements better and what is actually feasible. Consistent communication and challenging back is also vital for a smooth development process, which allows the client to be involved in all aspects of it. It is important that we build strong client relationships that allow us to communicate freely and work together to create the best product possible.”

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