Remote Working; An Experience Shared

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As a software development company with offices in the UK, Romania, Dubai, and New Zealand, Opinsta has successfully managed remote teams for over eight years.

Our Project and Technical Account Manager, Catalin – Ionut Nita, has worked for Opinsta for just over one year. Within weeks of him starting his position in the UK office, he was introduced (via video call) to our Bucharest team, who he now connects with on a daily basis.

As managing remote teams is now like second nature to Catalin, he is keen to share his experience of handling some of the most common challenges that can arise, especially in the transitional period.


“Clear, concise and frequent communication is of utmost importance in this line of work, however there will always be room for misinterpretation, which can often occur whilst using online messaging software. Individual and group calls are helpful to ensure that all details have been clarified and understood entirely by all.”

Different Time Zones

“When working across different time zones, understanding the schedules of others and having flexibility is key to setting fair meeting times. Whilst flexible working can boost productivity and efficiency for the business, it can also help to improve the work/life balance of employees.”


“Micromanagement is not always efficient; we trust in our team, giving them the opportunity to work when it suits them. Focussing on targets, we encourage our employees to be responsible and to take ownership of projects and tasks. From the recruitment stage we look for the ideal candidate; someone who wants to learn, gain experience, further their career, and have a positive impact on the company’s performance.”

Team Culture

“Being part of a valued team, where professional development is supported can bring great job satisfaction. The work environment can also have a huge impact on the motivation and productivity of employees, which is why Opinsta recently renovated our main offices. Once a year we like to bring our teams together, to meet face to face and enjoy bonding over activities and events.”

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