What makes a great Employee App?

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There’s an app for that.

Yes, you’ve heard that line before – over and over.

It really does seem like there’s an app for almost everything these days as mobile devices have become the way we navigate our daily lives. There are also employee apps to help keep workers better informed and more aligned at their jobs by ensuring they have easy access to information, resources, and tools – all in the palm of their hands.

Ideally, an Employee App has a user interface that is no different than any other favourite app that people download on their phones. It’s a convenient and engaging platform that workers are regularly visiting because they know what they need and want will always be waiting for them.

Giving employees access to information, in real-time, by integrating with existing core tools and resources that then eliminates the need for your people to go searching for it.

An Employee App will:

  • Deliver targeted information to specific people, roles, teams, and locations, so that employees are always up to speed on what they need to know
  • Improve productivity by providing commonly used resources and tools for different groups of employees
  • Reduce risk by featuring important policies and procedures, notifying employees of updates, and driving the intended action related to training, with complete visibility into employee engagement
  • Impact company culture by recognising outstanding achievements, highlighting internal events and connecting employees with one another to foster a strong sense of community among the workforce

There are a variety of ready to go, “off-the-shelf” platforms out there, each with strengths and drawbacks. As an enterprise-level bespoke service, the team at Opinsta have a wealth of experience consulting with companies looking to build an Employee App specific to their needs and culture. But, what do people ask for?

A targeted news feed designed to quickly provide a steady stream of engaging, useful content about everything that’s happening around the organisation.

  • Company wins
  • Product announcements
  • Employee spotlights such as day-in-the-life profiles
  • Team highlights
  • New programs
  • Communicating change such as new benefits, leadership moves, acquisitions
  • Company events
  • Workplace improvements/notifications
  • Cultural and diversity groups
  • Corporate responsibility highlights
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Media articles
  • Industry news
  • Awards (company, teams, individuals)
  • Thought leadership posts
  • Daily/weekly cafeteria menus

Information that helps employees do their jobs more effectively without wasting valuable time hunting and searching.

  • Onboarding documents
  • Company/HR policies
  • Facility management reporting
  • Contractor and visitor sign in
  • Training videos
  • Operational procedures
  • IT resources
  • Branding materials including imagery, logos, approved copy to use in presentations
  • Safety guidelines and forms
  • Evacuation instructions in case of emergency
  • Contact information for managers, supervisors, and other key personnel
  • Company event calendars
  • Parking information
  • Company/building maps
  • Visitor information
  • FAQs

Simplified and secure access to commonly used resources by employees.

  • Work schedules
  • Time off requests
  • Payslips
  • Benefits information
  • Expenses

Recognition and management

  • Peer to peer recognition
  • Team competition
  • Communication and teamwork incentives
  • Empowerment for line managers
  • Employee development plans and actions

Would you agree?

C-level, Manager or Employee of any position. I would love to hear your thoughts and additions. If you think you could add to this list, or strongly disagree with the points made here, get in touch!

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