Why businesses need to update their legacy systems

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At Opinsta our aim, drive and passion is to bring our solutions to large organisations to help them move into the digital age, to transform their business so that operational efficiency, employee engagement and customer experience are the best that they can be.

Moving into the digital age

We have found that many large companies suffer from similar issues, regardless of their sector. These issues are due to increasing employee numbers dispersed across the business geographically, using legacy processes and systems to focus only on their departments output.

This silo mentality will reduce the efficiency of the overall operation, reduce morale and may contribute to the demise of a productive company culture. Having spent a great deal of time understanding on how large scale organisations operate and the issues they face, we know the solution has to address the business as a whole and not just one area is in isolation.

Technology is evolving and if companies aren’t taking advantage of these advanced capabilities, their competitors will be, making it incumbent for them to act on it now.

Integrate technology

Many of these organisations assume implementing solution driven technology into the company will be timely, costly and cause a lot of internal upheaval. They believe the only options are; utilising internal resources to develop and adapt the old systems, or purchasing ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions. This view prevents large companies from making the decision to integrate technology to streamline their processes.

Expertise in the field

What sets us apart is our focus and expertise; we understand the issues and barriers facing large enterprise organisations. We take a very collaborative and agile approach to ensure that outdated and antiquated systems are replaced and are not just a short-term solution; they are adaptable and flexible to change in the fast moving digital transformation age.

Our solutions fall into three categories; ‘Engage, Experience and Operations’. What we have found, through our journey with some of the worlds largest companies, is that this big picture approach enables us to build apps that slot neatly into existing systems and processes without high levels of disruption. This adoption has given our customers a speedy, efficient and easy to use solution and that translates directly into savings in time and money.

Disruptive solutions

I can’t remember the number of times I have been met with scepticism about overhauling legacy systems; the impression that implementing digital solutions can be disruptive. Our vision is simple; solutions that put people first. Providing organisations with a bespoke solution that empower their employees and help them simplify their processes.

This positively impacts all areas; customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and employee engagement – we’re both proud and committed to our approach, we want to ensure that we constantly exceed delivery expectations.

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