Why we encourage businesses to go paperless

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For those who feel  hesitant to innovate or are intimidated by technology, we are here to explain why paper processes aren’t as reliable as you might think!

Resources aren’t always available

We have all experienced the chaos that the sudden disappearance of paper and pens can bring, along with the frustration of trying to fix a broken printer. Unfortunately, all of these little nuisances could be preventing employees from completing their tasks and filing important information on time.

Consumes valuable time

Have you ever heard someone say that they are ‘drowning in paperwork?’ This is because paper forms can’t be dealt with in an instant, they take time and focus, which can be a struggle for employees who are busy serving customers on the frontline. Sometimes employees feel that they have no other choice but to work overtime to ensure that their paperwork is completed, and by then, details could be forgotten.

Lack of detail and accountability

Referring back to paper work can bring problems, such as missed mandatory fields, minimal or unclear detail, and mistakes or poor handwriting. It is also common for employees to sign off forms using only their signature, which can make it impossible for others to identify the person accountable.

Difficult to maintain and store

Years of reporting can build up, resulting in piles and piles of paper, stacks of folders and a large number of overflowing filing cabinets. It is vital that from creation, to storage and destruction, all processes involving paper are GDPR compliant, to prevent the risk of a data breach. However, keeping this amount of information organised can be a challenge, as paperwork can easily be lost or damaged over long periods of time.

Negative environmental impacts

The overuse of paper can have a significant impact on the carbon footprint of businesses. The global demand for paper this year is estimated at 426 million tonnes, and contributes towards deforestation. Paper manufacturing requires the use of natural resources such as water, trees and nonrenewable fossil fuels, and the production process creates toxic gasses that pollute the air.

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