Sports Operations Platform

An all-in-one operations platform for security, facilities management, health & safety and communications

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Managing stadium operations requires highly focused teams that are constantly adapting to unpredictable and changing environments. At Opinsta we understand that every venue and event is unique.

We designed the Opinsta sports platform to be a simple yet flexible and powerful tool for stadiums of all sizes, integrating the latest mobile and cloud technology to manage any situation. Use Opinsta to proactively manage parts or even all of your operations from a single platform, while easily adapting to your specific venue, teams and needs.

Security & Incident Management

Whether it’s over excited crowds, the dreaded mess in the bathroom or any other challenge the day throws at you, one thing is certain – the faster you can resolve incidents the safer the venue will be.

With the Opinsta mobile app you can track incidents in real-time, alert dispatch teams, and automatically monitor and prioritise incidents to focus on resolving issues as quickly as possible.

Record all incidents digitally and eliminate hours spent manually compiling illegible report cards, and use complete incident data to make informed decisions going forward.

Facilities Management

Managing assets in the sports stadium environment is enough to keep any highly efficient team on its toes, whether it planned maintenance or reactive callouts.

 With Opinsta you can take advantage of best-in-class preventative maintenance software developed for world-leading organisations.

Use automated reports to easily track and justify the replacement of faulty assets so you can dedicate the time and resources of your teams to other important tasks.

Instant Communication & Briefs

It can take hours to bring everyone together for manual briefs, only to discover paper handouts are lost, and you’re being asked for the same information over and over again!

With Opinsta you can seamlessly create and send mobile briefs to any permanent staff, seasonal staff and contractors in seconds.

Start any event with confidence knowing that mobile alerts will guarantee the brief is read, or respond to live Q&A to support your team so they can do their job safely and efficiently.

Manage lost property

Locating lost items is time-consuming for staff, and distressing for customers. Our platform digitally records lost, found and confiscated items and automatically reunites those items using clever AI.

With Opinsta you can empower your frontline staff to deliver a world-class customer experience with instant lost and found resolutions, allowing your team to focus on their core activities.

Made for stadiums

Mobile incident reporting

Digitise mobile incident reporting with pictures, videos, signatures for rapid reporting and accurate data

Schedule preventive maintenance

Stay on top of preventive maintenance schedules and manage all critical stadium assets, costs and labour

In-app communication

Keep your teams connected and enable discrete two-way communication with individuals or groups

Guard tours and inspections

Empower your guards and inspectors with digital ‘easy to complete’ tasks that keep your supervisors updated in real-time.

Task management

Assign, track & audit tasks easily with one click to ensure that issues are resolved immediately and nothing gets missed

Central cloud portal

Centrally manage all match-day operations in real-time from any laptop or mobile device for complete control and visibility

Dashboards & reporting

With all data just one click away you can identify trends and use factual information to justify costs and resource

Automated workflows

Eliminate manual steps and trigger automatic responses to all actions with logical and streamlined processes

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