Mobile Defect Reporting & Inspection software

SAM is designed to meet the needs for transport and logistics companies with high value assets and field based operations

Designed to be incredibly easy for frontline employees

Designed for high value vehicle & Infrastructure assets

Create your key assets as a Master Asset Group and see what’s really going on at a granular level for high value vehicle and key infrastructure assets.

Integrate with Asset Management software

Integrate SAM with existing software to ensure clear visibility across the entire process for all parties involved so passenger facing employees have the best information to hand and key stakeholders are able to manage high value maintenance contracts with transparency.

Integrate existing IoT

Optimise the benefits of existing infrastructure by integrating hardware such as Vehicle Management Systems or utilise identification methods such as QR codes, RFID tags and barcodes.


Fix problems faster

Reduce the number of engineer callouts required by supporting frontline employees with real-time guidance to fix problems themselves and to take the best next steps to ensure compliance with health and safety standards.

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