Built with venue operators, for venue operators.

One platform to manage multiple operations.

Whether it’s match day briefing, facilities management, incident management, inspections, scheduled maintenance, or safety protocols, OPINSTA VENUE has you covered. Built using the latest iOS, Android and Web technologies, our award winning and easy-to-use solutions can empower frontline employees and managers to make the right decisions quickly.

Key features:

Control room management

Empower your control room with a cloud based portal that provides a real-time overview of match day operations and the ability to respond quickly.

Create match day briefs

Digitally share and effortless update match day briefings in real-time which include individual responsibility sheets, stadium manuals and more.

Guard tours and inspections

Empower your guards and inspectors with digital ‘easy to complete’ tasks that keep your supervisors updated in real-time.

Facilities management

Take advantage of best in class reactive and preventative maintenance capabilities that has been developed for world leading organisations.

Manage lost & found items

Easy & inexpensive way to enhance customer experience and allow your team to be focused on their core activities while your system reunites items automatically using clever AI.

Mobile incident reporting

Entirely digitise mobile incident reporting that makes life easier, not harder for your stewards by capturing imagery, automating information and notifying all relevant parties.

Group in-app communication

Discreet two-way communication with individuals or groups, ensuring information is correctly understood and incidents can be resolved quickly before they develop.

Mobile maintenance & inspections

Report maintenance issues ad-hoc, resolve early issues and carry out preventive maintenance tasks to ensure maximum value from your assets.

Mobile item recording

Digitally record Lost, Found and Confiscated items using imagery and user friendly form fills so nothing is ever misplaced again.

Cleaning and disinfection protocols

Improve the efficiency of cleaning protocols so your teams achieve more in less time.

Adopting change has never been easier.

Accessible from any device, quick to deply, and easy to use, our platform is available on leading app stores for frontline staff to download and use instantly with minimal training.

Staff briefing management

A real time communication solution designed to handle the unique challenges faced by large sports arenas. Take care of safety announcements, match day briefings, rotas, schedules, changes in policy, and much more.

Incident management

An incident reporting and information solution in the pocket of every member of staff. Whether it is relating to customer safety, or customer experience, our solutions empower staff to report or resolve incidents with clear guidance and documents on demand.

Facilities management

A facilities and asset management solution designed for frontline staff to use with ease. A comprehensive asset register ensures that faults can be logged and categorised for urgent repair or scheduled for follow-up at a later date.

Lost property management

Locating lost items can be time consuming for staff, and distressing for customers. Our lost and found solution allows frontline staff to deliver world class customer experience with instant resolutions.

Scheduled inspections

Inspections can be carried out and logged with a full audit trail. Useful for everything from maintenance inspections, to fire door checks, and asset audits.

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